Our Approach


We work closely with our clients to define measurement tools to visibly demonstrate ROI, whether quantitative or qualitative. While many of our programs are behavioral, we apply a variety of measurement parameters such as assessment tools, observed behavior or KPIs.


Our expert facilitators customize our programs to meet each organizations unique requirements. The scope of customization can be as basic as selecting a particular module and as elaborate as developing case studies or building simulations specific to that sector or even that company.


Qiyada programs are comprised of a mix of experiential learning techniques; These could include teambuilding scenarios, creating/analysing case studies, taking part in business simulations or simply post-workshop sessions to re-enforce program content.


We also work with organizations to build sustainability into their business over the long term; Sustainability tools can include refresher courses, monthly tips and reminders, on-line forum memberships or follow-on courses to build on prior learning.