Improved Reading®

Qiyada is pleased to be the Middle East exclusive licensee of Improved Reading® (marketed as Power Reading Skills) the most successful reading efficiency training concept in the world, in the Middle East.

Power Reading Skills is the market leader in adult reading courses for professionals and students. Its concept has been globally and continuously optimized over the last 40 years. What makes Power Reading Skills so special is its compact, practice-oriented and logically structured training concept for eliminating the bad reading habits that people pick up at an early age and keep on using for most of their lives. Instead of simply focusing on speed, Power Reading Skills teaches participants how to read at a faster rate and improve comprehension. The course exercises, some of which are performed with a special piece of apparatus, are designed for better eye movement using chunking during the reading process.

Power Reading Skills courses are now available in seven different languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.